Креативна реклама на автобусни спирки

1. Ikea

2. Ikea

3. Australian Post: Stamp

4. Fitness First

5. Guarana Antarctica

6. Apple: Macbook Air (Student work) 

7. Mc Donald’s

8. Mc Donald’s: Free Coffee

9. Mc Donald’s: Open 24 hours

10. Pru Health: Oranges

11. Osram: Only use electricity when you need it.

12. Playstation 2

13. Quick Silver: Surfboard

14. Quick Silver skateboard

15. Simpsons: The Movie

16. Star Wars: Lightsaber

17. United Way Of Greater Milwaukee: Cardboard roof

18. Movie up: Balloons

19. The Victoria Bug Zoo: Look through bugs eyes

20. Hasbro: How does it feel to be involved in a crime

21. Simpsons: Marge’s hair

22. Nike: Bernard Lagat

23. 3M: Security Glass

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